Thursday, March 11, 2010

EBV Update Mar 2010

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In late February we had our premier event for our new documentary, “The Meaning of Service: The EBV Program at FSU.” It was an exciting night with over 100 attendees. Guests included EBV coordinator for FSU – Dr. Randy Blass, Dean of the College of Business for FSU – Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley, former EBV participant and actor on the show “All My Children” – JR Martinez, other veteran participants of the program here at FSU, and the EBV volunteer team.

After a few words by head EBV volunteer Jeff Brown, Dr. Blass, and Dean Beck-Dudley, documentary director Adam LaBrie was introduced. It was moving to hear Adam’s account of getting involved with the program and how, in getting over 17 hours of film, he came to really believe in what EBV seeks to accomplish. His passion was easy to see on the larger-than-life IMAX screen at the Challenger Learning Center. Amongst a variety of candid and touching interviews was footage from both the classes in the Boot camp and the tailgate, where participants met the first string of FSU’s football team. The veterans’ spirits were inspiring in both their past service as soldiers and in their bright hopes for futures as entrepreneurs. There were even a few times when audience members found themselves wiping a tear or two as they watched the graduation ceremony flash across the screen, which featured a special presentation and table for missing POW soldiers. As the lights slowly brightened in the theatre, attendees shuffled out to a reception where they could discuss the film and program, and talk to some of the people they had just seen on screen.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can still watch the documentary online at: Also, keep your eyes peeled as the documentary may soon be featured on your very own small screen. In the next few weeks, an EBV participant from Syracuse University will be interviewed on the “Oprah” show talking about PTSD. There is a chance the show will feature parts of the documentary. This is thrilling for both the EBV program and for director Adam LaBrie. His work could be shown on a hugely successful, nationally aired program, before he even graduates from the film school here at FSU. So be on the lookout! EBV is gaining momentum and is proving to be quite the adventure to be a part of!

Thank you to those who attended and to those who provide continued support to our program!

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  1. correction: Adam LaBrie is a media production major in the college of communication : )